10 inch tabletsLooking to buy the best 10 inch tablet? The market is full of them. Every major technology manufacturer (Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, HP, BlackBerry and many others) is making a tablet PC. This list will take overall performance and value for money into consideration. Cheap or expensive, we’ve got the reviews you need to make the right decision.

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Apparent choices

Apple is best known name among the 10 inch tablets and its iOS 6 based iPad is the obvious choice, but you could get Android Jelly Bean tabs for the fraction of the price. Windows slates come with pricey Windows 8 or cut-down Windows RT and excellent Microsoft Surface as their flagship product.

Why go 10 inch

Using 10-inch tablet is more like using a laptop than a smartphone. And while no tablet will ever truly replace your phone or the laptop, you will still get one for its many benefits, including size and portability, among many other factors. Browsing is easy, webpages display in their natural size, larger display is ideal for games and movies and apps have more elbow room. Downsides are that large screens are somewhat awkward to hold with both hands especially if you try to type with both thumbs, and lack of real portability. You know you could bring your 5 inch smartphone anywhere and complain occasionally that it is too big for pockets, carrying a 10 inch tablet requires a bag. Smaller than the laptop one, but bag nonetheless. Non manufacturer/OS differences we’ll consider will be display quality, battery life, processing power, features, onboard RAM and price, of course.

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