HP Omni 10 review

HP Omni 10HP’s new 10.1 inch low cost tab with included stand is really a tab worth waiting for. With Intel’s new ATOM Bay Trail CPU – the next gen Atom processor with better performance (HD gaming, 4K Video decoding, video editing and more) and better power conservation, great 1920×1200 IPS display and 2 gigs of RAM its something of a best buy in Windows 8.1 tablets.

As the name Omni suggests, HP intends this tab for all around use and not specific business (like HP ElitePad) or home use (like HP Slate).

Best buy in Windows 8.1 tablets! Has top of the line 2.4 GHZ Intel Atom Bay Trail processor and a keyboard/stand. Full version of office 2013 is also in. Really great offer for $399

Omni’s CPU, the quad core Atom Z37770 is top of the line Intel Bay Trail CPU. Cores run at 1.5 GHZ and can turbo up to 2.4 GHZ. On paper its capable of all the top features of Bay Trail CPU’s (like testing 4K video through micro-HDMI).

Bay Trail CPU’s are announced as “just as battery friendly” as ARM processors and are considered as Intel’s best shot at tablet CPU’s market. Battery power on HP Omni is estimated to 8.5 – 11 hours. On the productivity/business side – you get a free copy of Office 2013 – full version.

Pros: Fast and responsive, wakes from sleep in one second.

Cons: No additional storage slots.


  • Quad-core Intel Bay Trail Atom Z3770 CPU
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 1920×1200 IPS
  • Micro-HDMI video-out
  • 8/2 MP cameras
  • Internal storage of 32GB

Price: $399 (with stand)

Hardware:9.2 Stars (9.2 / 10)
User experience:9 Stars (9 / 10)

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